UPDATE 1/15/2017: Due to the pending insurance approval from the city of Long Beach, community classes will be closed in January and possibly through February.  We will keep up to date info on Facebook and this website.

Welcome to El Dorado Archers!


The practice of archery is full of rich history, mythology, and present examples. The earliest evidence of archery dates back to the Stone Age (around 20,000 BC). The ancient Egyptians used archery for hunting and warfare.  And in 1766-1027 BC, during the Sheng dynasty, the Chinese included an archer in the war chariots.

In modern times, archery is portrayed in books, movie and commercials.  We tend to think of Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen or the super heroes, The Green Arrrow or Hawkeye.  In Greek mythology, Artemis and Odysseus were skilled archers.

The El Dorado Archers is an archery club whose goal is to bring this wonderful sport to the community. El Dorado Archers, Inc., is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. Our vision is to promote, participate in, and develop skills in the Olympic sport of archery through education, coaching, practice and competition. Our USA Archery certified coaching staff works with anyone age 8 or older. We will take you from beginning archery through to competitive archery. (Youth may require parental assistance and presence.) Although El Dorado Archers, Inc. is a membership based organization, it continually reaches out to the public through its training and group programs which do not require club membership.

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